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Anchit and myself had started an internal podcast in udaan where we had chai time conversations with senior employees about their career stories.

The idea was to have some unfiltered conversations about life and careers for all employees to listen to and interact.

1/ One common thread across all conversations…

We are really seeing some really new trends emerging in E-commerce and digital spaces.

  1. The DIY Wave: While companies like Amazon continue to grow as large as it gets, making overall marketplaces a duopoly of sorts in most markets, there is another trend. Of companies who hate these “aggressors”. For…

Do we really think through all our important matters?

Do we really go through life, like we are solving another 100 marks paper?

Can we actually be 100% objective, in any of our life choices?

Frankly, even I don’t have “Correct” answers for this.

In fact, most of us have been well-taught in schools and universities on fundamental principles and laws on a plethora of disciplines known to mankind, and yet a huge chunk of this become useless once we move out in the real world.

We have also been trained at finding pre-determined answers to carefully formulated questions.

Almost conditioned to thinking in generic ways for similar situations and events. Simply speaking, we have been taught in terms of the binary- Right or Wrong, or utmost step-wise Right-Wrong. Which has rather annihilated our natural abilities, leading us into becoming followers rather than leaders. Slaves rather than Masters!

As Robert Kiyosaki puts it, schools were developed to teach children to obey orders and…

ऐसी ही घणी रात थी,
सिमटा सारा शहर था,
अंधेरी गलियों में बस,
गूंज रहा दिलो का शोर था!

शहर में अजीब सा प्रकाश था,
मानो किसी बवंडर का एहसास था!
मुखोटे की दुनिया से होकर,
मायूसी का भी अलग उल्लास था!

सितारे बटोरने की प्यास थी,
पर प्यार की भी अंदर से आस थी।
दुनिया जीतने की रजा थी,
पर उत्तरण पर रोने की भी सजा थी!

~ वैभव

As we are more than a month past this new world order that is now becoming clearer with this compulsory transition for all countries, especially a multi-world country like India. For most of us millennials, this will be the most difficult phase that we have ever seen. …

“Once upon a time, there used to be this particular rickshaw puller near our home in Calcutta…”

Okay, this might not be an apt beginning, but you would agree that this beginning is something we all began our reading with. Also, Calcutta is something different from Kolkata and we use…

In the daily hustle- bustle of life, the scintillating conversations over fast-food and a light banter of office shit is usually good enough to keep me amused, at least most of the times, here in this crazy Silicon valley of India.

However, there is something that is always lacking here.

What an year you had been! Unbelievably magical and stupendous. A true milestone in my life. The year did begin with shit hitting the fan.
You were tough. My articleship got extended at a time when I had failed both the groups of CA final. Parents had lost hope. Relatives…

I had always been under the impression that more was always better. So when I qualified as a Chartered Accountant (Indian equivalent of CPA), I thought I had a whole army of people who could help me out. More than half of my friends and family were esteemed CAs in…

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Chartered Accountant. Financial Analyst. Uncategorized investor, lazy bum. Writer by accident.

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